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Private Flute Lessons

Making Every Lesson Count

Whether you’re looking for a serious commitment or simply want to learn something new and have fun while doing it, there’s nothing more important than being taught by an experienced Flute Instructor. I’ve been offering my services to people of all ages in the US and UK, and I’m here to give you the personalized attention you deserve so that you can reach your full potential.


All About Me

I’ve been offering comprehensive and affordable private lessons in Washington State since 2009. I am now looking to expand my services to South London where I currently reside with my husband and our cat. My job is a passion for me, and it brings me joy to be able to share this passion with my students. From day one, they learn important foundational techniques to help them boost their skills and self-esteem. Each one has a unique learning style, and it’s my duty to find out what that is and adapt my lessons accordingly. Contact me today to learn how I can help you achieve your goals.


Lessons I Provide

Making Learning More Enjoyable

Success in learning frequently depends on finding the right Flute Instructor; someone who knows the subject well and understands how to inspire others. My teaching style focuses on skills training, but also emphasizes self-exploration and discovering a passion for something new. Take a look at the lessons I provide and choose the right one for you.

Please call +44 07402327341 or email Sarahkrigney@hotmail.com to book a lesson.

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Beginner Fundamentals

Customized Lessons to Fit Your Needs

I specialize in Beginner Fundamentals, and know how to reach my students with the right balance of personalized attention, patience, practical training, and positive encouragement. I make learning fun through a variety of engaging and outside-the-box activities. Get in touch today to schedule a lesson at your convenience.

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Intermediate Technique

Guaranteed Success

As a well renowned Flute Instructor since 2009, I’ve provided the tools and guidance needed to help all of my students excel. Take advantage of the vast professional experience I bring, especially my Intermediate Technique. Get in touch today to find out more and to reserve your lesson today.

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Advanced Music Theory

Personalized Attention

I know how difficult it can be to find a reliable teacher that focuses on Advanced Music Theory. Teachers need to be able to motivate and guide students towards success. As an experienced and passionate Flute Instructor, I believe in an approach that gives students positive, constructive ways to learn. I design my lessons according to my students’ needs, with an emphasis on confidence-boosting activities.


Sarah was my daughters first flute instructor back in 2010. Sarah quickly became a valued instructor and friend to my daughter, who was very new with the flute. Every week Sarah came to our home and provided the very best beginner flute lessons. My daughter quickly became enchanted with music and her flute, where she gained a tremendous amount of confidence and understanding. I couldn't recommend Sarah enough! We will really miss her when she moved to the UK.

Samantha Myers

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Book a Lesson Now

I’m here to make the learning process easier and more enjoyable for you. Contact me by phone or email to see how my services can help!

Hainault St, London SE9 2EG, UK


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